Coming out of Lockdown

Coming out of Lockdown

Coming out of Lockdown Start Dancing with us – Here’s Why – Shout for help – put the puzzle back together.

Healthy Body & Mind

Ballroom and Latin dancing may help your cognitive function it is a multi- tasking exercise for the brain.

Remembering your dance steps has been proven to help your memory.

Dancing is a form of exercise which is great for improving overall body posture and muscle tone leading to better back and neck health.

It may help with weight loss, with a healthy calorie-controlled diet and depending on how physical the dancing is you could burn up to 400 calories an hour! 

Emotional Wellbeing from Dancing

Do you feel the need to escape your hectic lifestyle, give you confidence and help you to relax?

Then ballroom dancing could be what you are looking for.  Dancing raises serotonin levels (a brain chemical released during exercise – it’s our feel-good factor!)  Low serotonin levels have been linked with depression.


Social Benefits

If you want to expand your social life, then dancing with us can help you do just that.  Being in lockdown has been very difficult and emotional for us all.  Losing loved ones and nursing sick relatives and friends.  Not being able to go out or see family and friends.  This has left a lot of us feeling down and depressed.  Elaine, John and all the Team at Elaine’s Dancing School want to change that.  We want you to feel happy again.  Dancing can do that.  Just being able to go out to a dance class either in Cashes Green Stroud or Abbeydale Community Centre Gloucester will lift your spirits.  It will challenge you again and while you are thinking of dancing and all this involves your mind will be occupied with good happy thoughts, not sad ones.   We offer dancing classes for absolute beginners, intermediate and advance level.  We do one to one Private Lessons.  There is something for every age and ability.  There is no need to be nervous, or shy.  You can make new friends, come along to our popular social dances which I am sure we will restart later on and join our popular dancing holidays.   So why not come along and give it a try? We are here to help everyone to emerge from this pandemic.  We will update you on the reopening as soon as we have more information and advice from our Professional Dancing organisations and the Government. 

Meanwhile, if you have a question just get in touch and talk to us email: in**@el************.com jo**@el************.com or call 07796575459 it will be great to hear from you.

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